Nathalie Agudelo Dueñas

Supervisor:  Johann Danzl, Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Start of project: 01.09.2019

Title of the project: Decoding the transcriptional landscape at nanoscale resolution

Research topic of the student: Biological systems are intrinsically heterogeneous, from the level of molecular arrangements and interactions to whole tissue organization. In order to understand the complexity of these systems, it is fundamental to study them in their native context, calling for the need to assess their intricate structure and function in a spatially informed manner. Over the last decade, there has been a rapid advancement in the field of spatial omics, especially at the transcript level measuring gene expression, which has been instrumental in understanding how mRNA distribution and abundance define cell identity and function. My project aims to develop a highly multiplexed and modular methodology for in situ transcriptional profiling with nanoscale resolution, as a means to visualize the spatial arrangement of the transcriptome with subcellular to tissue context. This will ultimately enable correlating structure and function of biological systems with higher precision and accuracy.



Lab rotation project: "Designing a MERFISH pool for dissecting transcriptome organization in SLC7a5 mutant mice", between 09 and 11/2021

Host lab: Novarino Lab, IST Austria


In 2018/2019 3 rotation periods (each 2 months) took place at IST Austria.

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