"Ion channels and transporters as molecular drug targets" (MolTag) is a PhD/doctoral program in pharmaceutical sciences established at the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria at Klosterneuburg. The graduate program is financed by a research grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) since 2011. MolTag offers a broad three-year PhD education in pharmaceutical sciences including specialized field courses such as molecular pharmacology, pharmacoinformatics, structure-function analysis of target molecules, biophysics, imaging and advanced synthetic chemistry. Applicants at MolTag have completed a diploma study in medicine or a high quality master program in natural sciences, such as pharmacy, biology, molecular biology or chemistry. MolTag provides comprehensive training in relevant research areas of pharmaceutical research, with focus on drug discovery and drug development. MolTag will provide PhD students with contacts to national and international research labs, including the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to create an atmosphere of collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

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Another contribution for German speakers: At the invitation of the City of Vienna, Nuno Maulide explains his approach to creativity and the connection...


The first episode of "super smart" on YouTube shows exciting experiments about "how bright is dark", starring Julia Michalska, MolTag Student at IST...


A new paper by Moltag Maulidians and CeMM about chemical modification of oleanolic acid that could pave the way to pharmaceutically relevant derivates

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"Chemical Tools for Investigating Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Enzymes”

by Prof. Christian A. OLSEN, Center for Biopharmaceuticals and Department for...


In June/July MolTag SAB member Marcel Van der Heyden offers courses about scientific writing and how to recognize publication fraud. REGISTRATION...


Elodie Laine from the Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology at Sorbonne Univ. will give a lecture about functional protein sites.


Funding Period 3 is officially kicked off with a very fine set of guest lectures! Register here:


September starts with a Guest lecture on 03.09., 16:00, UZA 2, 2D 358!


"Complex natural products as tool to explore cancer progression and cell motility" by Cristina Nevado, Friday June 7th, 15:15; for details see...