"Ion channels and transporters as molecular drug targets" (MolTag) is a PhD/doctoral program in pharmaceutical sciences established at the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria at Klosterneuburg. The graduate program is financed by a research grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) since 2011. MolTag offers a broad three-year PhD education in pharmaceutical sciences including specialized field courses such as molecular pharmacology, pharmacoinformatics, structure-function analysis of target molecules, biophysics, imaging and advanced synthetic chemistry. Applicants at MolTag have completed a diploma study in medicine or a high quality master program in natural sciences, such as pharmacy, biology, molecular biology or chemistry. MolTag provides comprehensive training in relevant research areas of pharmaceutical research, with focus on drug discovery and drug development. MolTag will provide PhD students with contacts to national and international research labs, including the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to create an atmosphere of collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

Latest News


This is a good start into summer 2021: 2 PhD students and a MolTag alumna successfully applied for further grants!


Today was the kick off of the MolTag Progress report session, with presentation and hosting tasks.


"A sign of recognition and encouragement" is the Sigrid Peyerimhoff price, that was awarded to Julia Westermayr, MolTag alumna of the González group,...

Latest Announcements


01.07., 16:00: Guest lecture by Emily Balskus, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard, MA.

Hosted by MolTag Faculty member Nuno Maulide!


Marcel Van der Heyden, UMC Utrecht, gives another course for PhD Students.


VIDEO FILE of the lecture "K2P channel gating caught in the act: asymmetric pinching and dilation of a potassium channel selectivity filter” IS...