Santhosh K. Venkatesan

Supervisor: Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna

Co-Supervisor: Gerhard Ecker, University of Vienna


Title of the project: Biophysical characterization of substrate transport in the aspartate transporter - GltPh 

Finishing date: 02/2016

Publications with Supervisor:


Research stay abroad: 01.07.-30.09.2014; Host:  Prof. Dimitrios Stamou, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry & Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Project: Single molecule studies on conformational dynamics

Lab Rotation: 2 weeks in 12/2012; Lab Host: Gerhard Ecker, University of Vienna

Place after graduation: Lead for Science and Technology, Pharmaceutical Industry, Bangalore, India; meanwhile (since 2021) Senior Research Ontologist at Novo Nordisk

Senior Research Ontologist

 Abstract of the PhD thesis