Eva Gschaider-Reichhart

Supervisor: Harald Janovjak, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Co-Supervisor: Gaia Novarino, Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Title of the project: Optical and optogenetic control of cell proliferation and survival

Research topic of the student: Recent work in neurobiology has harnessed light-activated proteins for the optical control of cellular activity in experiments termed "optogenetics". It was recently proposed that the same light-activated proteins may also enable novel approaches for the control of cell proliferation and tissue regeneration. By utilizing light both as activator and read-out these approaches should be "contactless" and thereby applicable to tissues in situ. The goal of the project was to establish experimental optical platforms for in situ manipulation of cells, e.g. using red light or to control the behaviour of cell populations that are affected by degeneration.

Lab Rotation (2 weeks): Host: Gaia Novarino, Subject: Theoretical training in bioinformatics; 04/2017

Finishing date: 11/2017 


Place after graduation: Since 03/2018: PostDoctoral Research Fellow at ARMI, Monash University, Melbourne, AUS, since 10/2019 Operations Management Trainee, Takeda, Austria

 Abstract of the PhD thesis

 Alumni brochure contribution by Eva Gschaider-Reichhart