Jasmin Morandell

Supervisor: Gaia Novarino, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Co-Supervisor: Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna


Finishing date: 08/2020

Title of the project: Illuminating the Role of Cul3 in Autism Spectrum Disorder Pathogenesis 

Research topic of the student: Studying novel disease models for the neurodevelopmental disorders intellectual disability (ID) and the autism spectrum disorders (ASD), by employing mouse lines haploinsufficent for the high risk genes Cul3 andSetd5. The focus of my work is thereby to identify phenotypes relevant to the human condition and to understand whether these phenotypes are in principle reversible. Furthermore, I am investigating the underlying pathogenic mechanisms of the disorders, trying to identify novel drug targets.   

Lab Rotation (3+ weeks): Host: Harald Janovjak, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Subject: Tutorial lab rotation; learning new techniques used at the Janovjak lab; 2015.

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Place after Graduation: After maternity leave: MSCA PostDoc Fellowship at the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology, Univ. Trento, Italy.

 Abstract of the PhD thesis

 Alumni brochure contribution by Jasmin Morandell