Julia Michalska


Supervisor:  Johann Danzl, Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Start of project: 01.09.2019

Title of the PhD Thesis: A versatile toolbox for the comprehensive analysis of nervous tissue organization with light microscopy.

Finishing Date: 15.12.2022


Research topic of the student:  


The brain is an exceptionally sophisticated organ consisting of billions of cells and trillions of connections that orchestrate our cognition and behavior. To decode its complex connectivity, it is pivotal to disentangle its intricate architecture spanning from cm-sized circuits down to tens of nm-small synapses.

To achieve this goal, we have developed CATS - Comprehensive Analysis of nervous Tissue across Scales, a toolbox for obtaining a holistic view of nervous tissue context with fluorescence microscopy. CATS combines comprehensive labeling of the extracellular space with information on molecular markers, super-resolved data acquisition and machine-learning based data analysis for segmentation and annotation.

We show that CATS can be used to analyze key features of nervous tissue connectivity, ranging from whole tissue architecture, neuronal in- and output-fields, down to synapse morphology.



Lab Rotation (6-8 weeks) in the course of the IST rotational system in the Lab of Gaia NOVARINO, IST

Title: Improving the Golgi-Cox method for the investigation of dendritic arborization

Julia Michalska has been elected as Student Representative from 03/2021 to 02/2022.

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