Amir Seddik

Supervisor: Gerhard Ecker, University of Vienna

Co-Supervisor: Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna


Title of the project:  Substrate selectivity profiling of the human monoamine transporters 

Finishing date: 07/2015


Research stay abroad: 17.03.-13.06.2014, Host: Daan Geerke, Faculty of Science, Molecular and Computational Toxicology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Project: Molecular Dynamics studies on binding of methcathinone and 4-iodocathinone to the dopamine transporter.

Lab Rotation (2 weeks): Host: Margot Ernst; 08/2012

Place after graduation:  Data Scientist in private industry, Netherlands, since 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia; since 2020 Data Science Director in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, since 09/2021 Senior Manager Data Science at Cognizant, Spain

 Abstract of the PhD thesis

 Alumni brochure contribution by Amir Seddik