Florian Vogel


Supervisor: Margot Ernst, Medical University of Vienna

Co-Supervisor: Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna


Start of the project: 01.08.2019

Title of the project: Characterization of a de novo human GABRA4 variant

PhD Project finished: November 2023


Research topic of the student: 

1) Describing the pharmacology of different delta-containing GABAA receptors

2) Identification of novel allosteric binding sites in delta incorporating receptors

3) Detection of substances that specifically target investigated interfaces.


Link to Publications by Florian Vogel.

Position after PhD: Medical Science Liasion, Astra Zeneca, Vienna

Internship abroad: Functional interaction of KIR2.1 and KCC1/KCC2 channels in health and disease; 04.04. - 04.07.2022

Host lab: Department of Medical Physiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Lab Rotation: Electrophysiology of the human serotonin transporter; 04.11.-20.11.2020

Lab Host: Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna

Rotation II: "Dual action mechanism - compounds that act on GABAA receptors & glutamte receptors"; 09.08.-13.08.2021

Lab Host: Steffen Hering

Florian Vogel has been elected as Student Representative from 01/2020 to 02/2021.