Yi Xiao


Supervisor: Nuno Maulide, University of Vienna


Start in MolTag: 27.06.2022

Title of the project: Development of novel fluorescent dyes and their application as probes to study biological processes


Research topic of the student: 

The serendipitous discovery of a family of highly fluorescent molecules, synthesised using electrophilic amide activation, has led to a highly collaborative research project. Therein, we have synthesised a range of analogues derived from commercially available or easily accessible starting materials. The facile synthesis has allowed us to access a diverse library of fluorescent dyes which can be attached to biologically-relevant molecules and whose emitting wavelength can be easily tuned, allowing in-cell visualisation of the molecules and/or their target proteins. This Doctoral Project aims to optimise the properties of the fluorescent dyes and to expand the scope of their biological applications.