Michael Netzer


Supervisor: Steffen Hering, University of Vienna

Co-Supervisor: Marcel Van der Heyden, UMC Utrecht


Start of project: 01.10.2021

Title of the project: A novel drug screening technology for studying acute and chronic drug toxicity in 2D and 3D stem cell derived cardiac cells  


Research topic of the student:   Evaluating drugs’ potential cardiotoxicity is highly challenging, mainly due to a lack of appropriate in vitro drug test systems. Therefore, we aim to establish and further develop a novel, completely non-invasive drug screening method based on an optical acquisition system capable of measuring intracellular action potentials. Validation of this method will be enabled by comparison with manual and automated patch clamp, as well as fluorescence imaging techniques. Additionally, stem cell derived 3D cardiac organoids will be electrophysiologically characterized and employed for drug screening to further advance this next generation method.

Michael Netzer received awards for best poster at the 2022 and 2023 annual PhaNuSpo retreat and at the 2023 MolTag closing conference.


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Michael Netzer has been elected as Student Representative from 03/2022 to 02/2023.