Hugo Kubinyi

formerly BASF AG and Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


University of Heidelberg, retired

Hugo Kubinyi was part of the MolTag Scientific Advisory Board in Funding Period 1 and 2.

 Anniversary brochure contribution by Hugo Kubinyi


Hugo Kubinyi studied chemistry in Vienna, Austria. After his PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich he continued as a postdoc at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. In 1966 he joined Knoll AG, later a subsidiary of BASF AG. In 1985 he moved to BASF AG. He was responsible for the Molecular Modelling, X-ray Crystallography and Drug Design group of BASF, since early 1998 also for Combinatorial Chemistry in the Life Sciences. In 1986 he was appointed as associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg. He is former Chair of the Cheminformatics and QSAR Society (1995-2000; from 2000-2007 Advisor to the Chair) and IUPAC Fellow. In 2006 he received the Herman Skolnik Award (CINF, ACS) and in 2008 the (EFMC) and the (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam). From his scientific work resulted more than 100 publications and seven books on QSAR, 3D QSAR, Drug Design (the German book "Wirkstoffdesign" received the 1999 Book Award of the FCI, Association of Chemical Industry), Chemogenomics in Drug Discovery, and Drug Discovery Technologies (Volume 3 of Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry II, 2006). He is a member of several Scientific Advisory Boards, co-editor of the Wiley-VCH book series "Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry", and member of the Editorial Boards of several scientific journals.