We are delighted to welcome 4 international invited guest speakers:

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The conference starts on Monday, September 25 at 09:00 a.m.

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On the evening of September 25th there will be a joint dinner for the conference participants at summerstage restaurant and pavillion (registration required).

The program on the second day, September 26th, ends around 3:00 p.m. with a fair well coffee.

Monday, September 25

8:30 Welcome Reception (Tea, Coffee) and Registration
9:00 VR Manuela Baccarini, University of Vienna
MolTag Speaker Gerhard Ecker, University of Vienna
Welcome speech and Official Opening
9:15 Plenary Session 1:
Lynette Daws
, University of Texas Health Science Center
More than one way to transport monoamines: Uncovering novel molecular targets for therapeutics to treat psychiatric and substance use disorders
10:00 Stefanie Kickinger, University of Copenhagen Development of novel selective tool compounds for the nutrient amino acid transporters (SLC6A15-20)
10:25 Thomas Steinkellner, Medical University of Vienna Selective vulnerability of dopamine neurons in Parkinson’s disease
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Kusumika Saha, Brigham Women's Hospital Pharmacological chaperone-rescued cystic fibrosis CFTR-F508del mutant overcomes PRAF2-gated access to endoplasmic reticulum exit sites
11:35 Felix Mayer, University of Copenhagen Exploiting GPCR Regulation of Transporter Trafficking to Rescue Defective Neurotransmitter Homeostasis
12:00 Eva Hellsberg, National Institutes of Health Computational studies of molecular interactions in the human serotonin and dopamine transporters
12:25 Lunch Break
13:15 Plenary Session 2:
Robin Bon
, University of Leeds
Understanding TRPC1/4/5 channels through chemical biology and structural pharmacology
14:00 Konstantina Bampali, University of Copenhagen Antipsychotics and antidepressants can inhibit α5-containing GABAA receptors by two distinct mechanisms
14:25 Lukáš Rýček, Charles University Prague Selaginella Natural Products as a Platform for Evaluation of New Synthetic Methods, Structural Aspects Elucidation and Drug
14:50 Kumaresan Jayaraman, Laurus Bio Bangalore Enzyme engineering to resist feedback inhibition in 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase
15:15 Coffee Break
15:35 26 Poster Flash Talks
17:05 Poster Session (27 Posters)
18:30 End of Day 1
19:00 Conference Dinner

Tuesday, September 26

8:45 Welcome Reception (Tea, Coffee)
9:15 Plenary Session 3:
Marina Kasimova
, Novo Nordisk, Denmark
From understanding principles of ion channel functioning to design of protein modulators
10:00 Vaibhavkumar Gawali, Charles River Laboratories Ionic and immune mechanisms of response to cancer immunotherapy and severe COVID-19
10:25 Péter Lukács, Agricultural Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Optimizing for Information Content on IonFlux Mercury Automated Patch Clamp
10:50 Coffee Break
11:15 Panel Discussion:
PhD finished! What’s next?
Hosted by Catherine McKenzie (Discovery Scientist in Gene Therapy, Roche Basel)
12:30 Lunch Break
13:15 Plenary Session 4:
Stéphanie Baulac
, Paris Brain Institute
Somatic mosaicism in epilepsy and cortical malformations
14:00 Jasmin Morandell, University of Trento circHTT, a novel circular RNA molecule from the Huntington’s disease gene locus: functional characterization and pathophysiological implications
14:25 Julia Michalska, E11 Bio A versatile tool for the comprehensive analysis of nervous tissue organization with light microscopy
14:50 Closing Words by MolTag Speaker Gerhard Ecker and END Fare Well Coffee