Conference Visit


Although not far from home, our students enjoyed the opportunity to attend the 13th European Biophysics Conference in Vienna these days (finally in person!)

The students presented the following posters at the EBSA 21:

Weinzinger group (University of Vienna, Life Sciences):

Theres Friesacher : A disease mutation in the selectivity filter of GIRK2 is associated with a loss of K+ selectivity and dynamics in the Gβγ binding site

Michael Bründl: Simulating PIP2-induced gating transitions in Kir6.2 channels

Sitte group (Medical University of Vienna, Pharmacology):

Oliver John V. Belleza: Pharmacological characterization of peptide toxins with inhibitory activity at the norepinephrine transporter

Ralph Gradisch: The molecular mechanism of substrate-triggered occlusion in the human serotonin transporter

More News


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