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MolTag 2

Ion channels and transporters as drug targets

"Ion channels and transporters as molecular drug targets" (MolTag) is a PhD/doctoral program in pharmaceutical sciences established at the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the recently added Institute of Science and Technology Austria at Klosterneuburg. The graduate program is financed by a research grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). MolTag offers a broad three-year PhD education in pharmaceutical sciences including specialized field courses such as molecular pharmacology, pharmacoinformatics, structure-function analysis of target molecules, biophysics, imaging and advanced synthetic chemistry. Applicants at MolTag have completed a diploma study in medicine or a high quality master program in natural sciences, such as pharmacy, biology, molecular biology or chemistry. MolTag provides comprehensive training in relevant research areas of pharmaceutical research, with focus on drug discovery and drug development. MolTag will provide PhD students with contacts to national and international research labs, including the pharmaceutical industry. We aim to create an atmosphere of collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

Latest News

MolTag wholeheartedly congratulates another MolTag Alumna: Eva Gschaider-Reichhart successfully defended her thesis: "Optical and Optogentic Control of Cell Proliferation and Survival" at IST on November 28th 2017! New in the program is Stephanie Kainrath who will take over the associated position in the group of Harald Janovjak. Welcome Stephanie!

MolTag-PI at IST, Gaia Novarino was awarded the title of Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Merit of the Italian Republic. At a ceremony in Vienna's Palazzo Metternich, the Italian Ambassador to Austria, Giorgio Marrapodi, conferred the honor to her for doing excellent research into autism and epilepsy. Read also a portrait of MolTag-PI at IST, Harald Janovjak, which appeared recently in "The Scientist": link

The MolTag Community met for a Retreat in beautiful Kamptal/Lower Austria. Read here a report about our eventful program (here), and visit our Photo Gallery!


For the next MolTag Guestlecture invited is Prof. Peter TONGE, Institute for Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery, Stony Brook University (New York). Title: "Improving the Prediction of In vivo Drug Activity". Thursday, 08.02., 17:00, HS 5 in UZA 2. Abstract and biosketch is in the Invitation attached (link)

Victor TSETLIN, Head of the Dept. of Molecular Basis of Neurosignaling; Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry; Russian Academy of Sciences, will visit us on February 15th, and gives a guest lecture "Interactions of Cys-loop receptors with neurotoxic peptides, proteins and low molecular weight compounds"; 17:00, SE 2D 358 Invitation, abstract and biosketch here.

Upcoming Guest Lecture at UZA2, Lecture Hall 6, by Philippe LORY, Neuroscience & Ion Channel Biology Dept.,CNRS-INSERM–Univ. Montpellier. Philippe is leading the team "Ion Channels in Neuronal Excitability and Diseases" at IGF, Montpellier. His expertise covers ion channel physiology, regulation and channelopathies, especially for voltage-gated calcium channels. The lecture takes place Nov. 9th, 05:00pm - Title and abstract are available here