Daniela Cintulova

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Project: Enantioselective Synthesis of Configurationally Stabilized Methcathinones for The Investigations of Monoamine Transporters

Mandatory Courses Completed Successfully
SubjectECTS pointsDate
Ion channels and transporters as drug targets206/2016
Pharmacoinformatics - University of Vienna207/2016
Journal Club - Recent Trends in (Bio)Organic Chemistry, TU Vienna107/2016
MolTag Journal Club - Medical University of Vienna101/2017
Journal Club - Recent Trends in (Bio)Organic Chemistry, TU Vienna301/2018

Conference Talks
Synthesis and biological evaluation of Mephedrone metabolites7th Meeting of the Paul-Ehrlich-Medchem Euro PhD Network, TU Vienna, Austria08/2017

Conference Poster Presentations
Tool compounds for Investigation of monoamine Transporters and GABAA receptorsMolTag Science Day, Vienna,AT11/2016
Mephedrone Metabolites and Derivates 10th Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Dubrovnik, Croatia06/2017
Scaffold Optimization of the GABAA Receptor Ligand Valerenic AcidBlue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Linz, Austria09/2017

Lab Rotations Completed Successfully
HostHost institutionSubjectDate of completion
Gerhard F. EckerPharmacoinformatics Group, University of ViennaMolecular docking of Reboxetine based photoswitch into hNET09/2018
Harald SitteMedical University of ViennaBiological evaluation of mephedrone metabolites on monoamine transporters09/2018

Courses and Enabling Skills Seminars
Prague Summer School: Advances in Drug Discovery09/2016
Workshop "Career Paths for Natural Scientists", Univ. of Vienna01/2018

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
Preparation of cis-Fused Tetrahydropyranyl Lactones via Palladium-Catalysed Cyclocarbonylation of EnediolsSynthesis, DOI 10.1055/s-0036-158832610/2016