Marco Stadler

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Project: Molecular mechanism of GABAA receptor modulation by natural compounds and protons

Mandatory Courses Completed Successfully
SubjectECTS pointsDate
SafeSciMet - 3.5 Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis310/2015
Ion channels and transporters as drug targets206/2016
SE Journal Club: Biochemistry0.507/2016
MolTag Journal Club - Medical University of Vienna101/2017
TS Visualization and use of PDB data, MedUni Vienna104/2017
Technical and epistemological challenges in protein-ligand complex crystal structure models 110/2017
Cardiac safety pharmacology212/2017
MolTag Journal Club - Recent Trends in (Bio)Organic Chemistry, TU Vienna301/2018

Conference Poster Presentations
Synthesis and in vitro characterization of novel valerenic acid analogues on GABAA receptors derived from a ligand-based pharmacophore modelConference of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Society, Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vienna09/2015
Valerenic acid serves as scaffold for the development of novel, subunit selective GABAA receptor modulators derived from a ligand-based pharmacophore modelAPHAR 2016 - Conference of the Austrian Pharmacological Society, Vienna09/2016
Valerenic acid serves as scaffold for the development of novel subunit selective GABAA receptor modulating anticonvulsants derived from a ligand-based pharmacophore modelSFN 2016 - Society for Neuroscience, San Diego11/2016
Natural compounds as scaffolds for novel GABAA receptor modulating anticonvulsantsMolTag Science Day, Vienna, AT11/2016
Pharmacological characterization of the first GLIC-beta3GABAA chimera4th Summer School on Advanced Drug Discovery09/2017
Proton-induced gating of homooligomeric GABAA ??3 receptorsJoint Meeting of Austrian Neuroscience Consortia, Alpbach05/2018

Lab Rotations Completed Successfully
HostHost institutionSubjectDate of completion
Thierry LangerUniversity of Vienna Novel subunit-selective GABAA receptor modulators and their putative binding site09/2016
Margot ErnstMedical University of ViennaStructural analysis of GABAA receptor vs. GLIC channels05/2017

Internships Completed Successfully
HostHost institutionSubjectDate of completion
Marcel Van der HeydenDepartment of Medical Physiology; Division Heart and Lungs (DH&L); University Medical Centre of Utrecht (NL)Transition of cardiac ion channel trafficking Research from HEK cells to in vivo10/2018

Courses and Enabling Skills Seminars
FELASA B certificate - Veterinary University of Vienna10/2015
Lab visit, in vivo experiments, Medical University Innsbruck, Christoph Schwarzer07/2016
Lab visit Institute Pasteur, Paris (Pierre-Jean Corringer)11/2016
Prague Summer School - Advances in Drug Discovery09/2017
Training in interpersonal communication skills & conflict management in the workplace09/2017
Workshop "Career Paths for Natural Scientists", Univ. of Vienna01/2018
Ueberzeugend sprechen und souveraen auftreten02/2018
High Potential-Programme in Life Sciences - NaturTalente03/2018
Writing scientific publications in peer reviewed journals04/2018
Publication fraud and how to recognize and deal with it; Univ. of Vienna06/2018

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
Preparative isolation of oleocanthal, tyrosol, and hydroxytyrosol from olive oil by HPCCCFood Chemistry03/2015
Identification of the putative binding pocket of valerenic acid on GABAA receptors using docking studies and site-directed mutagenesis.British Journal of Pharmacology11/2015
HPLC-Based Activity Profiling for GABAA Receptor Modulators in Searsia pyroides Using a Larval Zebrafish Locomotor AssayPlanta Med05/2017
Antiproliferative Activity and Effect on GABAA Receptors of Callitrisic Acid DerivativesPlanta Medica International Open09/2017
Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of novel beta2/3 subunit-selective GABAA receptor modulatorsJ Med Chem. 2018 Oct 23. doi: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.8b00859.10/2018

TitleFunding organisationDate
Best Poster Award4th Prague Summer School on Advanced Drug Discovery09/2017