• Another MolTag graduee and the first one in 2019: We congratulate MolTag full member student Yong Chen for defending his thesis at University of Vienna, Faculty of Chemistry (Maulide group) with excellent results!
  • Congratulations! MolTag Faculty Member Nuno Maulide is announced as "Scientist of the Year". With this award, Maulide was honored by science journalists in Austria for his outstanding science communication skills in public. Read more.
    Nuno playing Piano in Austrian television news.
  • MolTag has been extended by the FWF for another four-year period, starting March 2019. We are happy to share this news! More info will be published soon!
  • We are happy to announce our newest alumni: MolTag PhD student Sankalp Jain (supervised by Gerhard Ecker) successfully defended his thesis at University of Vienna! His Postdoc will lead him to Helholtz Institute, Munich. Congrats and all our best wishes, Sankalp!
  • MolTag alumna Dora Tarlungeanu (Novarino group at IST) was awarded with the "Life Science PhD Award Austria 2018 in Basic Research" by the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences & Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) for her thesis "The Branched Chain Amino Acids in Autism Spectrum Disorders". Kudos to Dora! Read more
  • We happily congratulate two more MolTag students who successfully defended their PhD Thesis on 08.08.2018: Catherine McKenzie (IST, Janovjak Group) and Dominik Dreier (TU Vienna, Mihovilovic Group)! Our best wishes for their further career, the MolTag alumni base continues to grow....!
  • MolTag PhD Student Kumaresan Jayaraman (Sitte group) defended his Doctoral Thesis at Medical University of Vienna and passed with distinction! Huge congratulations to another MolTag graduate!
  • In April 2018, MolTag Faculty Member Nuno Maulide has been elected as corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In May, Nuno’s group from the Department of Organic Chemistry has also been awarded a 2018 Proof of Concept Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). Later in June, Nuno Maulide was awarded with the Amgen-UCLA-Lectureship 2018!
  • In May 2018, we had the first MolTag alumni day! Faculty and students shared a very interesting afternoon with MolTag alumnus Laurin Wimmer. After his Schroedinger Fellowship at Scripps, Laurin continued his career as Principal Scientist for Chemical Process Development at Novartis Basel. Laurin started his talk with a lecture about his postdoc projects - Redox-active esters in cross-coupling reactions. In the second part, he gave a career talk about what to consider when building up a career after PhD – which later went into an open and lively discussion about career choices and options, and how MolTag helps to stimulate and support the development of our students. For photos see the MolTag Gallery.
  • Congratulations to MolTag Deputy Speaker Gerhard Ecker!, who was appointed as the next Dean of the Faculty for Life Sciences at the University of Vienna! We are happy to share this news!
  • With are proud and happy to congratulate two other MolTag alumnis to their achievements to earn the doctoral degree! On 23.02.2018 MolTag PhD Student David SIEBERT (Ernst group) defended his thesis at TU Vienna with distinction; a few days later, 27.02.2018, Dora TARLUNGEANU (Novarino group) successfully defended her PhD project at IST Austria. For more information on their projects please go to the page "Our Students".
  • Workshop "Career Paths for Natural Scientists"
    Planned and organized by the MolTag student representatives, a 2day Workshop with a professional trainer took place at UZA 2. A professional coach guided the students through an intense program. The agenda circled around topics like motivation, career anchors, how to identify competences, vision and goals, specific and individual career options for natural scientists, work-life-balance. The program shed light on decisive factors in career development, requirements, advantages and disadvantages of an academic career versus a career in the private sector. The coach, Dr. Neela Enke, is a trained as a coach, mediator with a PhD in Biology and was recommended to the students by the Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna. For photos see the MolTag Gallery.
  • MolTag wholeheartedly congratulates another MolTag Alumna: Eva Gschaider-Reichhart successfully defended her thesis: "Optical and Optogentic Control of Cell Proliferation and Survival" at IST on November 28th 2017! New in the program is Stephanie Kainrath who will take over the associated position in the group of Harald Janovjak. Welcome Stephanie!
  • MolTag-PI at IST, Gaia Novarino was awarded the title of Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Merit of the Italian Republic. At a ceremony in Vienna's Palazzo Metternich, the Italian Ambassador to Austria, Giorgio Marrapodi, conferred the honor to her for doing excellent research into autism and epilepsy. Read also a portrait of MolTag-PI at IST, Harald Janovjak, which appeared recently in "The Scientist": link
  • The MolTag Community met for a Retreat in beautiful Kamptal/Lower Austria. Read here a report about our eventful program (here), and visit our Photo Gallery!
  • Since 2011, MolTag students of the first and second funding period produced more than 100 publications (with 44 first-authorships). Since 2015, already 30 of them (11 as first-author) resulted from participation of MolTag2 students, - and the trend continues! Check out our publication record so far!
  • Congrats to MolTag-Faculty Member Nuno Maulide: The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) elected Nuno as member of the Young Academy. Read more.
    Comprised of excellent junior researchers from all disciplines, the Young Academy also strengthens innovative research, optimizes research conditions, promotes young scientists and has comprehensive participation rights.
  • Congrats! MolTag associate Felix Mayer, PhD student at Medical University of Vienna, has finished his doctoral thesis (Supervisor: Harald Sitte) and defended with distinction on April 20th, 2017.
  • Congrats! Faculty Member Nuno Maulide is this years recipient of the "Elisabeth Lutz-Award" by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The prize is granted for basic research in the natural sciences. Important criteria are knowledge transfer to the public, future orientation and sustainability. See here
  • In November 2016 the students of the second funding period (MolTag2, 2015 – 2019) succeeded in staging the first MolTag Science Day of the second funding period. Read here a report about a great day.
  • Faculty Member Anna Weinzinger received the "Kardinal Innitzer Award" for her Habilitation. The Kardinal-Innitzer award is given annually to excellent young Austrian researchers. See Media Portal of the University of Vienna (only in German)).
  • Faculty Member Gaia Novarino has been granted a Pilot Award of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI). Its mission is to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders by funding innovative research of the highest quality and relevance. With this award, Gaia also becomes a member of the prestigious community of Simons Investigators. See here
  • On Nov 21st the MolTag students had the pleasure to listen to David Beech, U Leeds, who gave an extra lecture where he shared his experience about what makes a successful scientific paper. The course comprised also hints and tips for writing abstracts and defining accurate titles, as well as advice about journal rules and the peer review process. During the preceding Journal Club, one of the MolTag students presented an educational talk about "How to rock a poster presentation". Stefanie Kickinger provided precious information for everyone who wants to get the most out of a poster. Both presentation files are available in the MolTag Basecamp.
  • ERC Starting Grant for Gaia Novarino! After Nuno Maulide in January 2016, Gaia Novarino is the second MolTag Faculty Member who receives this prestigious award! The ERC Starting Grants scheme targets promising scientists who have the proven potential of becoming independent research leaders in their respective fields. Read more.
  • Gaia Novarino was selected to join the group of FENS-Kavli Scholars. She thereby becomes a member of a prestigious network of 35 outstanding young European neuroscientists! Read more.
  • Congrats: Eva-Maria Plessl finished her Doctoral studies with a successful defensio on June 29th and is thus the first alumna of the current MolTag Period!
  • New SAB Member: Prof. Leonid SAZANOV (IST-A). Mr Sazanov will bring his expertise in structural biology to the MolTag program, which is a very valuable addition. He was happy to accept the Invitation of the MolTag Faculty to join the SAB.
  • Congrats: Another MolTag Student of the first funding period has been granted with a Schroedinger-Fellowship by the FWF: Gerit Pototschnig (PI Marko Mihovilovic) will carry out her postdoctoral studies at the CalTech Institute.
  • The Official Opening Ceremony of MolTag2 took place as Scientific Symposium at IST Klosterneuburg. Read more about or see the program.
  • The Maulide Group receives an ERC Consolidator Grant. Read more about this in the press release of the University of Vienna.
  • MolTag-PI Anna Weinzinger received the Venia Docendi as a result of her successful habilitation at the University of Vienna and thus a tenure track position.
  • Congratulations: Dr. Laurin Wimmer, MolTag PhD-Student of the first funding period (Supervisor Prof. Marko Mihovilovic) has been granted with a Schroedinger Fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund to carry out his postdoctoral studies at the Scripps Research Institute.
  • Congratulations: Gaia Novarino has been awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2016. read more.
  • Congratulations: Our Moltag PhD-associate Dr. Thomas STEINKELLNER (supervisor Prof. Harald Sitte) was awarded the Schrodinger fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund for his postdoctoral studies. 6.10.2014
  • Congratulations: The department of Pharmacology and Toxicology wants to announce that our Moltag PhD-associate Mag. Tobias LINDER (supervisor Dr. Anna Weinzinger) was awarded with the EMBO short-term fellowship 2013 by European Molecular Biology Organization.
  • Congratulations: The department of Pharmacology and Toxicology wants to announce that our DK+ PhD-student Mag. Tobias LINDER (supervisor Dr. Anna Weinzinger) was awarded with the Forschungsstipendium 2013 by the University of Vienna
  • Congratulations: Amir Seddik's contribution "Probing the substrate selectivity of the serotonin and dopamine transporter using structure-based techniques" received the CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence at the 245th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans, LA.
  • Congratulations: MolTag students S. Venkatesan and K. Saha won the poster prize award at the Austrian Pharmacological Society Meeting in Graz.