Dora Tarlungeanu

Supervisor: Gaia Novarino
Project: The Branched Chain Amino Acids in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mandatory Courses Completed Successfully
SubjectECTS pointsDate
320019 SE Ion channels and transporters as drug targets (2016S), UniVie206/2016
MolTag Journal Club, Medical University of Vienna ...01/2017
Journal Club - Recent Trends in (Bio)Organic Chemistry, TU Vienna ...12/2017

Conference Poster Presentations
Deficiency of branched chain amino acid Transport at the blood brain barrier leads to autismMolTag Science Day, Vienna/AT11/2016
Impaired amino acid transport at the blood brain barrier is a cause of ASD Synapses and Circuits Conference, Santa Fe, USA 03/2017
Impaired amino acid transport at the blood brain barrier is a cause of ASDBioparadigms Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland08/2017

Lab Rotations Completed Successfully
HostHost institutionSubjectDate of completion
Harald JanovjakSynthetic Physiology Research Group at ISTComplementation Screening of Cyclic Nucleotide Gated in Ion Channel Function in Potassium-Deficient E.coli12/2013

Courses and Enabling Skills Seminars
Training in interpersonal communication skills & conflict management in the workplace09/2017
Workshop "Career Paths for Natural Scientists", Univ. of Vienna01/2018

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
Impaired Amino Acid Transport at the Blood Brain Barrier Is a Cause of Autism Spectrum DisorderCell. 2016 Dec 1;167(6)12/2016

TitleFunding organisationDate
1st Prize Poster AwardBioparadigms 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland08/2017