Stanislav Andranovits

Supervisor: Steffen Hering
Project: Probing the role of voltage sensors in calcium channel inactivation and inhibition by antagonists

Mandatory Courses Completed Successfully
SubjectECTS pointsDate
VO Writing and Speaking Scientific English306/2016
Ion channels and transporters as drug targets206/2016
MolTag Journal Club Part 1 - Medical University of Vienna101/2017

Conference Poster Presentations
"Segments IS4 and IIIS4 contribute most of the effective charge for CaV1.2 activation"60th Annual Meeting Biophysical Society, Los Angeles, United States03/2016
"Neutralization of the voltage vensor in domain I strongly affects activation and inactivation gating in CaV1.2"22nd APHAR Symposium: Joint Meeting of the Austrian Pharmacological Society and the Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Vienna09/2016
"Domain-specific effects of Cav 1.2 voltage sensors on inactivation"The Calcium Channel Network, Hoi An, Vietnam 10/2016
Domain-specific effects of Cav 1.2 voltage sensors on inactivation"MolTag Science Day, Vienna11/2016
"Key role of segment IS4 in Cav1.2 inactivation: link between activation and inactivation"Advances in Drug Discovery, Prague Summer School09/2017

Lab Rotations Completed Successfully
HostHost institutionSubjectDate of completion
Anna WeinzingerUniversity of ViennaDocking of dD888 in CaV1.1 channel09/2017

Courses and Enabling Skills Seminars
VO Writing and Speaking Scientific English06/2016
Prague Summer School - Advances in Drug Discovery09/2017

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
Upward movement of IS4 and IIIS4 is a rate-limiting stage in Cav1.2 activationPflugers Arch. 2016 Nov;468(11-12)10/2016
Correlation between hERG channel inhibition and action potential prolongationBritish Journal of Pharmacology, doi: 10.1111/bph.13942.07/2017
Key role of segment IS4 in Cav1.2 inactivation: link between activation and inactivationPflugers Arch. , doi: 10.1007/s00424-017-2038-3.08/2017