Ao. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Marko Mihovilovic


Group page:

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry
Getreidemarkt 9
1060 Vienna

Researcher's Profile
Research interests:
  • (Bio)organic synthetic chemistry
  • Instrument assisted synthesis, metal-assisted chemistry, cascade processes, library synthesis, synthetic route optimization

The primary competence of the research group headed by Prof. Marko D. Mihovilovic is (bio)organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. This includes special expertise in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as bioactive products using modern synthetic strategies such as metal-assisted catalysis and biocatalysis (esp. redox biotransformations). Very recently, his interest has also shifted to instrument assisted transformations, in particular utilizing continuous flow-devices. Apart from these aspects in synthetic chemistry, his core competence also includes all aspects of molecular biology associated to the generation and modification of isolated enzyme or whole cell biocatalysts. Generally, research activities are co-supervized by Dr. Michael Schnürch (medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis) and Dr. Florian Rudroff (biocatalysis, renewables). Research in medicinal chemistry focuses on instrument assisted lead compound development employing modern and modular synthetic strategies. Current application targets are in the area of modifying cell differentiation aiming at highly novel treatment regimes in regenerative medicine and improving sub-type selectivity of natural compound and synthetic product derived GABA-ligands.

Career highlights:

Feb 2014 Appointed Full Professor for Bioorganic Synthetic Chemistry
Coordinator of the TU PhD Graduate School "AB-Tec"
Translational Research Center "Wings4Innovation"

Selected Grants and Awards:
  • AWS Uni:Invent Award (2009)
  • Inventum Award Silver Medal (2013)
  • Techniker Cercle Prototype Award (2013)
  • Techniker Cercle Prototype Award (2013)
  • 2016: Staatspreis Patent 2016 – Finalist (top-3 submission) Category Hedy Lamarr
  • 2015: Uni:Invent Prize Award (Anti-inflammatory Drug Candidate)
Ongoing MolTag Research projects as Supervisor:

Maria Teresa IORIO: Synthesis of novel ring structure as GABAA receptor ligands with functional selectivity
Daniela CINTULOVA: Enantioselective Synthesis of Configurationally Stabilized Methcathinones for the Investigations of Monoamine Transporters
Dominik DREIER: Optically Switchable Serotonin Transporter Ligands
Blanca VEGA ALANIS: Synthesis of novel scaffolds as selective ligands for the alpha+/beta- interface of the GABAA receptor

Completed MolTag Research projects as Supervisor:
Laurin WIMMER: Synthesis of Piperine Analogs as Ligands for GABAA and TRPV1 receptors, finished 02/2016
Gerit POTOTSCHNIG: Scaffold optimization of the GABAA receptor ligand Valerenic Acid; finished 06/2016
Lukas RYCEK: Lead optimization of PPARg and GABA A agonist, finished 04/2015

Completed MolTag Research projects as Co-Supervisor:
David SIEBERT: Synthesis of binding site selective GABA A receptor ligands, finished 02/2018
Juliane HINTERSTEINER: In vivo Characterization of Natural Product GABAA Modulators and their Derivatives, finished 11/2015
Pantea MIRHEYDARI: Towards subtype selective modulators of GABA A receptors, finished 07/2015