Supervisors 1st Period (2011-2014)

MolTag-students will be supervised by a primary supervisor and a co-supervisor. The primary supervisor will help the student to draft a research proposal and present it to the faculty and the Scientific Advisory Board. The co-supervisor and the Scientific Advisory Board will increase the amount of expert advice available to the students. This will expand the networking opportunities of the candidate and promote the integration of the students into the international scientific community.
Project leader Project part Scientific discipline
Gerhard Ecker Activity profiling and prediction of off-pharmacologies Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Steffen Hering Novel GABA-A receptor modulators (in vitro and in vivo) Pharmacology
Ernst Margot Allosteric GABA-A receptor modulation: computational and experimental model systems Brain Research
Marko Mihovilovic Lead development for ligand gated ion channels Organic chemistry
Harald Sitte Conformational changes in glutamate transporters Pharmacology
Eugen Timin Biophysics of ion channel kinetics and state dependent inhibition Biophysics
Hannes Todt Molecular basis of ion channel gating Pharmacology
Anna Weinzinger MD simulations of Cav and hERG Bioinformatics